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Hair Braiding in Columbia, SC

Welcome to Touba Hair Braiding by Mame! We are fully trained and equipped to style anyone's hair into Cornrows, Senegalese twists, tree braids, micro braids, bob, locks, hair weaves and more!  Creative hair braiding, unique styling, professional atmosphere and experienced artists all converge into one place: Touba Hair Braiding. No matter the length, style, texture or condition of your hair, we are able to turn ordinary into extraordinary. So, come in and visit us; let Touba's experience work for you.

Hair Braiding Columbia, SC Hair Braiding Columbia, SC  

We Offer Creative and Quality Hair Braids & Hair Weaves! 

African hair braids are suitable for every occasion and event.

There is nothing we love more than a beautiful braid, and we have a feeling that you feel the same. At Touba Hair Braiding, we pride ourselves on being the most professional and talented hair braiders in the area. Since its opening, Touba Hair Braiding has been proving for many years that our work and service to our clientele leaves each client satisfied and coming back for more. If you are looking for quality braids that are neat, unique and long lasting, then Touba's Hair Braiding is where you need to go.

When you come to Touba's Hair Braiding, always expect to get professional service, the best hair-do possible, a quick and efficient job and a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking for Senegalese twists, tree braids, bob, locks, hair weaves and more, then Touba Hair Braiding is the place to go. When you think of cornrows and micro braids in the Columbia area, remember the name Touba! Touba Hair Braiding is a major part of women's lifestyles in Columbia, SC and has proudly been serving the area for many years. Whatever your hair type, they can work magic on your hair and give you the style you have always been dreaming of.

The underlying thought for hair braiding is the African woman's desire for beauty that's natural and elegant.

Touba Hair Braiding welcomes all different types, ages, genders and ethnicities to come to Salon to get their hair braided. Also, we specialize in long hair or short hair braids in less time. We do children, women and men's hair!


  • Beauty Supply
  • Box Braids
  • Cornrows
  • Feeding
  • Flat Twist
  • Goddess Braids
  • Invisible Braids
  • Senegalese Twist
  • Single Braids

Hair Braids Columbia, SC

Box Braid

Hair Braids Columbia, SC

Flat Twist Updo

 Hair Braids Columbia, SC

Goddess Braid

 Hair Weaves Columbia, SC

Goddess Braid

 hair braiding Columbia, SC

Goddess Braid

 hair braids Columbia, SC

Goddess Braid

 hair weaves Columbia, SC

Goddess Braid

 Hair Weaves Columbia, SC

Havana Twist

 Hair Weaves Columbia, SC

Senegalese Twist


Cornrows also known as track braids or flat braids that lay against the scalp.  Made through a process of braiding and picking up hair along a row, they may be created using the person's own hair or through the use of hair extensions.

hair weaves Columbia, SC Hair Braiding Columbia, SC Hair Braids Columbia, SC


Dreadlocks, sometimes called simply locks or dreads, are matted ropes of hair which will form by themselves if the hair is allowed to grow naturally without the use of brushes, combs, razors or scissors for a long period of time.

Kinky Twist:

Kinky Twists are two-stranded hairstyle in which the hair is twisted into perfect spirals. This look can be created using your own hair or synthetic extensions and is known for its light maintenance. Kinky twists take about 6 to 8 hours to complete, and usually last up to three month with proper care.

Micro Braids:

Micro Braids, also known as invisible hair braids, are an elegant and refined style featuring small, delicate braids. They come in several different sizes and length and take about 4 to 5 hours to complete. Micro Braids can be designed however you want. You can get them curled for a different kind of look. If properly taken care of Micro Braids can look stunning for up to 3 months.

Give Us a Call Today for Hair Braids & Hair Weaves!

For the finest in hair braiding services for the Columbia, SC area, choose the experts at Touba Hair Braiding. We can give you a wide variety of beautiful hair braids and hair weaves styles. Stop in or give us a call today to make an appointment!

Open 7 days a week 8:30 am-9 pm Shop (803) 333-0042

6432 Two Notch Rd. Ste. B Cola, Sc 29223.

Products & Services

Cornrows, Senegalese Twists, Tree braids, Locks, Micro Braids, Hair Weaves;Creative braiding, unique styling, professional atmosphere and experienced artists all coverage into place: Touba Salon.

Beauty supply, box braids, corn rows, reeding flat twist, goddess braids, invisible braids, Senegalese twist, single braids, cornrows, waves, hair professional braider's, French braids, tree braids, kinky twist.

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Touba Hair Braiding

6432 Two Notch Rd Ste P
Columbia , SC 29223

I am so aggravated with Touba. The owner used to be very nice and quick about doing hair. She seemed to be the most professional at one point and her hairstyles (treebraiding) was phenomenal. Now, she skips appointments and the hair is trashy and doesn't last. The styles normally don't last and when appointments are scheduled, it takes forever or else they tell you to come back. It is absolutely horrible service.

Pros: If the owner does your hair, it could possibly be a shorter time with a beautiful hair styling experience.

Cons: The prices are too expensive. The service is bad and they stop the service to take crazy breaks to eat, chat, go shopping for each other, pick up kids....etc. No one calls to cancel or reschedule hair appointments and the quality of hair sucks! I would never ever again recommend anyone to go to Touba.

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Mar 26, 2015
By: tabuhazel

Touba Hair Braiding

6432 Two Notch Rd Ste P
Columbia , SC 29223

Great job on my hair but the service was horrible. I was promised to leave at a certain with the specific hairstyle over the phone the previous day. Upon entering early that morning, the time I was instructed to be there in order to leave to my other appointment on time, my hairstylist wasn't there. I realize that incidents with being late happens and my hair was messed up so I stayed from 8:30 to 11 when she finally walked in. She sat my down and was slightly rude and pushy on the hair I should get but the real issue was I had to completely change the style I wanted because almost 3 of the 8 hours I designated to my hair was gone and my next appointment was extremely important. I opted for tree-braids and before I paid my mother asked for a small discount of 30 dollars for our inconvenience. Immediately after asking the store owner become extremely hostile with my mom pushing her against the door while her family members surrounded her. She even went so far as to locking us inside the building for an hour and a half, at this point she told us that and I quote "I don't give a damn about your money you're not leaving", until we called the police to come get us out. This was my second time at the establishment and this is the second time I've stayed hours longer than planned because of negligence to take care of the customer. I will never being going back strictly because of the service. I you're looking for people who can braid well I would recommend them, but I would also recommend you to clear the entire day and try you best NOT to set them off.

Pros: Fairly good at braid

Cons: Horrible service Extremely hostile once the customer becomes slightly disagreeable Mismanagement of uncomfortable situations Can be very disrespect to childern

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Jan 11, 2015
By: Denise

Touba Hair Braiding

6432 Two Notch Rd Ste P
Columbia , SC 29223

Toubas is a nice calm environment. I really enjoyed the services.

Pros: Service was friendly and most of all I did not have to wait.

Cons: N/A

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Dec 11, 2009
By: Licia

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